World Wine Meetings Global Paris

The BtoB meetings for global importers and wine producers

7 > 10 FEBRUARY 2019 – 41st edition
Le Collectionneur 5*hotel Paris - France

Who  exhibits?

If you are a wine producer or a wine merchant, WWM Global is a great tool to help you

If you are a wine producer or a wine merchant, WWM Global is a great tool helping you to:

  • develop your existing export sales
  • start to export your products
  • prospect international markets at a modest cost
  • build your export address book
  • meet buyers with a strong buying potential and with identified needs


The participants


and wine merchants


(importers, wholesalers, distributors) from the principal buying markets (Asia, Europe, North & South America…)


2 out of 3 buyers place orders!

WWM is your chance to prospect international markets with a minimum of expense. For example a world export development trip below would cost around 20,000 euros:

  • Plane tickets: €12,000
  • Accommodation/Meals: €6,000
  • Sending of bottle samples: €2,000

2 out of 3 buyers place orders!

To participate in the WWM Convention, the price ranges from €4,500 (ex. VAT) to €7,950 (ex. VAT) according to the package chosen. As there are no multiple travel costs, the organisation of your participation is much easier. Your meeting schedule is set up according to reciprocal choices (importers’ choice is same as your choice), importers’ choices and then your choices. Depending on which package you have chosen, you will either have a meeting timetable just for your company (individual package), or a meeting timetable where you meet importers at the same time as another company (shared package)*. With the shared package, each company has 20 minutes to present their wines. Your timetables will thus be identical. *you decide which company you wish to share with.
The hotel room

The hotel room

The bedroom suite will be set up as an office so that you can meet the buyers in the best possible conditions. You will also be sleeping in the same room. A glass service will take place twice a day. You need to vacate the room each morning from 7-9am so that room service can prepare the room for your first meeting. Please note that English is the language used at the convention.


WWM Global is also:

Pre-scheduled meetings

Your meeting schedule is drawn up based on your choices and those of buyers. Meetings with importers are scheduled every 40 minutes in your room / office at the Majestic 5* GL Hotel. Optimal tasting conditions: confidentiality, elegance and conviviality guaranteed.
Targeted prospecting and business leads

Welcome tasting exhibition

A wine tasting evening where you can introduce your wines to all the importers attending the convention.
Even more meeting opportunities


An additional way to introduce your wines to buyers in an informal atmosphere and build lasting links with them.
Visibility and relationships with buyers

Master classes and wine tastings

1-hour comparative tasting sessions with importers enabling you to present the diversity of your wines, appellations, character of your grape varieties, vineyards and region etc.
Promotion of a region / appellation


Testimonies from previous editions

We found some great wines at the WWM Barcelona event which provided a convivial atmosphere with many opportunities to meet a wide range of producers under one roof. We will have no hesitation in returning next time.
David Gardener - Nickolls & Perks Ltd (United Kingdom)

Un grand merci pour l’organisation de la convention de Cannes. Nous avons déjà reçu un premier ordre de vin. Donc, les résultats sont déjà arrivés !
Chiara Martinotti de Cascina Gilli (Italie)

The organization was impeccable as in previous years. The location is very beautiful, elegant, and helps underline the importance of the event. The buyers have shown to be professional with a general interest in the wines offered by the members of our Association. The individual meeting schedule allows us, in addition to developing a potential business contact, to collect important information about the market belonging to the buyer with whom we are dealing. Furthermore, it presents the opportunity to talk with buyers coming from all over the world, granting a good view of how the wine market is evolving. After three investments we have noticed that it is very important to insist on attending ADHESION GROUP events because you become much more visible and identifiable to potential buyers, permitting to create that feeling you need to start a business relationship. Also this year some members of our consortium have already closed contracts with the companies present at World Wine Meeting and other negotiations are still ongoing. For us, Cannes and WWM remain a fixed appointment at the beginning of the year!
Enrico Zonin, Fattoria il Palagio – Consorzio Vinitalia (Italie)